Acapulco Trip!  '99
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Here we are, about to start our weekend.  We have
just arrived at Gricha's home and getting the full tour.
 From left to right, Javier, me, Andrew, Gricha, Vince and
Toufic.  After seeing his home, we wondered why he
ever came to the US. 
Gricha's father ( Gerd ) is very cool!  He brought
out the good Tequila and we got an early start to
some of the drinking.  :)
Some more drinking.......... 

After a 2 hours sleep, We were up and on the road to Acapulco.
 This is the view from Toufic's condo.   Very Good! 
Getting ready to check the city out. 
Still getting ready....
This is me trying parasailling for some fun.  It was great!
At this point, I'm right over this rock thinking that the lines
better not snap, or I'll bounce off it pretty good......

I'm coming in for a landing.  It's to far away to tell, but
I am having a blast!  I have to try jumping out of a real
plane someday. 

The evening is coming and another shot of
Acapulco from the terrace.

And another one.

The sun setting on our first day.

And another one.

Getting ready to go out for the night.  Not evening, night!  :)

Some more getting ready....