July 14-18, 2000
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I went to Munich for work, and stuck around and extra day or two to see the country side a bit.

One of the sights I wanted to see was Neuschwanstein Castle, it was built by King Ludwig of Bavaria in .  A person built one of the King's other castle designs an hour away from Austin near Burnet, TX.  It is something else to be driving out in the country and see a castle rising over the Texas country side.  It is called Falkenstein Castle , just as it was to be named by King Ludwig.


A view from the mountain above the castle.

This was a pretty good view of the front of the castle,
from withen the central courtyard.
Shows the the drawings above the King's chambers.

A side view.

Another picture from the courtyard.

The courtyard directly in front of the main residence.
Just to prove I was actually at the castle myself.  ;)
I was hoping the person I asked to take my picture would have gotten more of the castle in the picture.

The King's family had this bridge built to get a good view of the castle with the valley in the background. It is a main site for taking pictures of the entire castle. The first picture above was taken from this bridge.

The view from behind the residence.

This is previous castle King Ludwig had built.  Not as large as Neuschwanstein Castle though.
Another view.

This castle had room for some very ornate gardens.
This is a view from the front of the castle.

View from the side of the of the castle.
View from the back of the castle.

A larger view of the castle from behind the castle.