Detour to hike the Grand Canyon

Even though we were trying to make it to Los Angeles pretty quickly, we had to stop and see the Canyon.  And then we had to at least hike part of the trail to the bottom.  We only went in/down three miles, and it took 3 hours.  Someday I'll have to come back and hike all the way to the bottom.  Nine miles down ( 1 mile straight down as the crow flies ), and recommended that you plan to make it in three days.

This was our first view of the Grand Canyon.  Pretty Amzing!

The long and winding road..........
The trip to the bottom of the canyon is a 9 mile hike. But not as the crow flies, you constantly switch back and forth all the way to the bottom of the canyon.

Yup, a lot of switching back and forth all the way to the bottom.

Manami and I sitting on a large outcropping where we stopped for lunch.
This was as far as we went, a 3 mile hike down into the canyon.

This was the view of the long way down behind the outcropping of rock we sat on.

It took us a little over an hour to walk the 3 miles to the top of the canyon.
Which is actually a pretty good pace.

A squirrel visited us for lunch.  He seemed to really love Power Bars.  I found out later from a friend who is a volunteer ranger in the park that not only is it illegal to feed them, but that it is illegal because they carry the Bubonic Plague...........