Las Vegas
New Years Eve 2000
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Las Vegas, The City of Entertainment.
I think The MGM means just it's hotel on their sign though.
The Lion out in front of the MGM Grand.
The MGM Grand

Across the street from the MGM Grand, is the
New York, New York Hotel Casino.
The roller coaster goes right into the casino,
and it is a very good one also.

The MGM has lions and lion cubs inside.
You can even have your picture taken with the cubs,
ones that are actually awake, that is.
12 hours and 11 minutes left to the new year......
Andy, Mike, Vijay, and I getting ready to go out for New Years Eve
Mike and a female Klingon at 

Mike and I in front of the Excaliber Hotel Casino
4000 rooms in one hotel....

Mike and I standing in front of a life size Borg.  It is for sale for around $1800 I think.
This was taken at the replica of the Deep Space Nine Promenade Deck at the Hilton.
Mike and Rich in front of the Monte Carlo Casino

Rich and Wild E. Coyote
Caesar's Palace
Michael, Rich, and I one night in Vegas.  Of course, my brother never stops kidding around........